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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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step. his nurse calls it miraculous. >> it's pretty rare. he is pretty good fighter. >> ben's family is enjoying moments with benjamin, optimistic he will recover fully. >> everyone misses your smile. >> he is now able to smile at his brother's jokes. >> it's a dream but i do believe i'll have my brother back hundred percent. >> the family is taking this day by day. after all, one day he began to speak, today he started walking. who knows what benjamin will do tomorrow on this holiday, the family has much to be thankful for.
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>> today is the day before black friday but stores and customers are ready to start the holiday shopping season now. some are calling this gray thursday. a good example here at walmart in san leandro, the store is open regular hours but open again at 8:00 tonight for special deals. it comes against the background of labor problems. workers target and toys 'r' us have signed petitions asking for thanksgiving day off. >> i don't mind it for me but i feel bad for everybody everybody working. >> i'm not walking out, i'm walking out at 3:30 after work. >> there is demonstration planned at walmart. none of workers support the move to protest being opened on thanksgiving. they say they are all happy to be working today. the earliest shopping kickoff for holiday shopping brought big crowds to big
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stores. people were waiting to get inside a sacramento captain mart. -- k-mart. >> today's shopping experience for customers and workers. david? >> we have a line here at target store in san jose. a phenomenon we mostly see at target stores. walmart and sears will kick off black friday at 8:00 tonight. most other stores at midnight. yet, k-mart has many employees scheduled for split shifts because they are trying to maximize to offer to shoppers. it's an interesting phenomenon. >> it's their field of dreams. shoppers will come. >> i think i was there 3:15.
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>> the doors opened at 6:00. k-mart employee was surprised by lighten. >> when i came in, there wasñç a line around the block. it was crazy. >> they were drawn by deals. just 32 inch tv for $97. there were limited quantities and the shelf was bare by mid-morning. of the mart has been open on thanksgiving for several years but they are kicking off black friday. they are reopening on the 8:00, that means a fast dinner and back to work. the sacrifice isn't lost on shoppers. >> so they can enjoy dinner. majority aren't going to eat until 6:00 or 7:00. >> employees are taking it stride. >> you barely have time to eat your dinner. only shopping is setting online shopping is setting records. they found sales up 16%.
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almost 15% are using mobile devices up from 10% last year. the executive director of the retail management at santa clara university. he notes this is a trend that concerning traditional brick and mortar stores. >> i found a tree that was at 50 but this is 30. >> quite a savings. >> as you know k-mart is offering other deals in order to help shoppers. they are offering free flu shots. another way to get people in, even on top of bargain prices. david louie, "abc 7 news." the stores opened at midnight but the huge line in stockton has been forming for days. best buy did what they could do to accommodate. many of these shoppers are hoping to snag a high definition tv 189 marked down from 5
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holdup. check out before you start your shopping. we have compiled a list of stores and times they open. you can browse their black friday sales ads. all at >> you want to be really kale. san francisco police will be ramping up safety patrols in the union square area. they will look out for shop lifters and pick pockets. they aren't always after shopping bags they are going after iphones or ipads. >> the cellphones are worth from anywhere from $200 and up. whether people are walking down the street you are ripe target to take something and just go resell it. >> so easy for them. police are asking shoppers not to tempt the thieves, that means going inside the store and use your phone and store the
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shopping bags in the trunk. >> oakland police are still looking for the people who abandoned their cars after a gun battle on interstate 580. sky7hd was overhead after all lanes were shut down around 8:30 last night. traffic was backed up for miles for more than two hours. gun battle ended with two cars crashing. east palo alto police are investigating two shootings in residential neighborhoods within four hours of each other. shot fire system helped alert police at to a home. 26-year-old victim in the home was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition. in the earlier case a daly city man suffered two gunshots wounds. he is expected to recover. this turned out to be a sad day for folks with cars parked in an oakland neighborhood.
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crooks broke into half a dozen vehicles near lake merritt. one man lost his laptop and gps navigation system and baby seat and toolbox. >> everyday it happens. everyday a car is broken in. every single day. >> and to make matters worst. he had to wait for the insurance company. >> and the controversy over who will be the starting quarterback. fans are talking to bernard. >> getting ready to play the saints. >> 49ers made no promises at san francisco news conference, who will be the starting quarterback in sunday's game against the saints. >> no decision has been made. we're hopeful that alex gets
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cleared tomorrow physically. we're confident in both quarterbacks to be on the field. >> but sports it straight is reporting cleared or not, alex smith will not start sunday's game. instead colin kaepernick will be the star after an impressive show against the bears. >> colin has pretty similar to what he got last week. >> san francisco's mission high versus lincoln at the turkey day championship game a big rivalry but most everyone has a bigger allegiance, the niners. >> kezar stadium, lots of history here for sure. today very strong opinions from the fans. >> i think harbaugh has got them going but kaepernick is a wonderful player but i would go
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with alex smith. >> this is the superbowl team. you go with the quarterback that is going to get you there. >> joanne is having deja-vu about another quarterback controversy. >> it reminds of the day of young and montana. personally i think that smith should finish it up. the 89th annual turkey day championship was played at kezar. on the field number one and two teams. lincoln trailing by a touchdown scored on fourth down. then converted the two-point conversion to take the lead. mission got the ball one more time but failed on three hail mary passes and time ran out. lincoln 22, mission 21. >> what a game that was. >> still to come at 5:00. a look at how many people around the bay area gave to those less fortunate.
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also, what contributed to this mangled chain reaction involving hundred cars on a texas highway. >> i'm sandhya patel. turning cold tonight. i'll show you what friday shoppers will face by morning and whether it will warm up for your holiday weekend coming up. >> then michael finney, single serving coffee makers, what is the
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two people are dead and up to 100 others hurt in this massive pile-up on texas highway. many of the vehicles that were involved in a series of chain reactions on interstate ten near beaumont.
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the accident left 18-wheelers piled on top of cars. many people were driving too fast in very dense fog. as many as 12 people are in critical or serious condition tonight. the crash shut down the highway for hours. even thanksgiving travelers backed up for miles. >> in other news, bay area's largest expo opened in san francisco today. our reporter found that thousands of families chose to to spend their thanksgiving at mocone center. >> the international autoshow is a holiday tradition for thousands of people. his father started the tradition 55 years ago. >> it's the best show we have had in three years. >> the majorer manufacturers have their models on display. this is their first thanksgiving at the show. she is looking at new suvs. >> i think we're looking at bmws
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and looking at fords. >> they have been coming for 20 years. now living across the state they reunited every year for this day. >> that is one of wonderful things i think about this tradition it has grown from just being our parents and us coming to this. so now we are bringing our own kids. >> wendy went along with the ride and thanksgiving tradition she married in to. >> i think women were brilliant to get the husbands and kids out of cooking for the whole day. >> crowds are swarming around a few concept cars. >> this lexus future luxury coupe. one of only two in the world. it's a concept hybrid. while it's not a real car, what lexus may be able to produce in the future. there are plenty of real cars here for people looking on to buy their next ride. >> it's the best way to compare
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different brands and different styles. >> the auto show runs until monday for those families that spent thanksgiving at the table instead of behind the wheel. >> for many people thanksgiving is all about helping others. salvation army, about 500 turned out to help prepare meals and deliver them to 5,000 seniors. many that live alone with grateful for the warm meal but a chat with someone about the holiday. it took them almost an entire week to prepare all the meals. >> and in tenderloin area, st. anthony's had up to 4,000 people. was assembly line work and plates piled up with turkey. they are building a new dining hall to accommodate more people in the years to come. today it served 4800 pounds of turkey. >> just like everyone else here
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could have been standing in line today. >> this place a wonderful. >> they gave thanks at glide memorial church. final preparations for more than 5,000 thanksgiving meals got underway. they carved and slice today make sure there was enough food for everyone. they also had 700 bagged lunches. glide serves three hot meals every day to those in need. >> we have some consumer news from michael finney about those popular single serve coffee makers. they tested two dozen including one for from starbucks. which one delivers the best cup of coffee for the price. >> they just tested the one with starbucks along with two dozen others. they cost from $25 to $300. like many that go to a single serve coffeemaker.
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amy likes the speed and convenience. >> in the morning, put a cup underneath and pop the button and go. >> they tested 21 coffee makers. himself the new machine from starbucks that starts at $200. >> single serve coffeemakers are all about convenience. our testers look for how fast you will get the first cup of coffee. >> it will rush you in about minimum. this one from hamilton beach two three minutes. as for the starbucks machine, you can make it expresso and brewed coffee but it is pricy. >> for a coffeemaker that cost $200. it's basic. you can't adjust brew strength and manual says you should flush the machine after each brew. >> an $150, nescafe, it brews a
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cup in a minute to make expressos and other drinks, as well. be aware, buying a machine is just the beginning. >> the pods can be expensive, up to a dollar a cup. >> they think the convenience is worth it. >> if you want a smaller coffeemaker, they recommend another delonge, it's the piccolo that goes for hundred bucks. >> good to know. >> meteorologist sandhya patel with accu-weather forecast, a little trouble with the voice today. >> i'm feeling better. i'm getting over a cold. my voice. hopefully you can hear me. its spectacular view from high definition camera. couldn't be better. it is gorgeous this thanksgiving. let's show you live doppler 7-hd
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we do have just a few high clouds moving through but it has been a mild afternoon. temperatures in the low 60s to the mid-70s for the highs in places like salinas. here is what it looks like mid on 50s in places like half moon bay. here are the highlights. cold in the valleys with patchy fog by morning. mild weather for holiday weekend and chance of rain next wednesday evening heading into thursday. tonight, bargain hunters out there, it is giopgs to be cold. tomorrow morning, down to 39 in livermore, fairfield and even colder than where you were this morning, 35 in napa. 36 in santa rosa. so we do have drier air mass, temperatures are going to fall, it will get down to 40 in concord. 48 in oakland. san francisco, 49 degrees. high pressure here is now going to be controlling our weather for the rest of the holiday weekend. it will be dry through the holiday weekend. we will have to deal with
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occasional high clouds. the storm track will remain to the north of us until we head into next week. so overnight tonight the fog in the central valley is expecting to be dense and spill over in the east bay valleys and some will form in the north bay valleys for the next couple of days. watch out for the patches of valley fog. it could be dense like i said first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, look at these numbers. really mild, oakland 70 degrees. livermore, san jose, fremont, 70 degrees. santa rosa, 70. it doesn't even feel like late november. 67 in san francisco, half moon bay. 65 degrees up to ukiah. you'll see the high clouds out for the afternoon but it is looking gorgeous. monterey bay, above average temperatures, 72 in santa cruz, 74 for watsonville. hollister, 76 degrees.
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accu-weather seven-day forecast, sunny and mild pattern for friday, saturday and mid-60s to low 70s. sunday it will turn a little cooler as the system passes to our north. we'll keep the rain out of the forecast. just a little cooler each and every day. wednesday late in the day, a chance of some rain. you'll notice the temperature falling upper 50s to low 60s. by thursday it is going to become wet across the entire bay area. as i mentioned, bargain hunters, getting out tomorrow morning, you'll find a deal weather-wise. i know carolyn is going to be out there. make sure you have layers especially in the valleys. >> we're so glad you are feeling better. thank you so much. >> coming up the reason behind today's partial closure of a popular local b
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california highway patrol vehicle ended up on the right rail tracks following a hit-and-run. the officer wasn't injured but the front of the patrol car was damaged. it happened on north first street and brokaw road. driver ran away but officers caught up with him and arrested him. >> research medication that helps control hyperactivity activity may keep patients on the right side of law. they studied 25,000 people with the problem and compared records men were 32% less likely to commit a crime. women were 43% less likely when taking the medication. >> part of san francisco's ocean beach is still closed after the sewage spill.
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barricades were up. pedestrians can still walk along the promenade. it was likely caused by the high tide that caused sewage spill in the street through a manhole cover. the water is gone but the smell is still there. >> did you happen to watch a charlie brown thanksgiving last night? if you did, you were part of the biggest audience in four years. it's not the most popular of the charlie brown specials but last night more than 8 million tuned in to watch up. that is up from 22% from a year ago. charlie brown christmas and charlie brown pumpkin are the most popular. >> and thanksgiving day parade. >> and do you recog
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larry beil joins me news at 6:00 tonight. a potential traffic nightmare on the golden gate bridge, we'll explain your options for electronic toll taking. take a look. a woman that was disappointed after attending a recent show. a solution to her problem. a 35-year tradition. we came across family and friends who always end their thanksgiving at san francisco's
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crissy field. that is all coming up tonight at 6:00. what a beautiful place to spend time. >> and alumni from one high school is feeling pretty proud. they took part in the macy's day thanksgiving parade. the hie high school marching band moved down fifth avenue. we have been bringing you stories, they paid for their trip and lots of carwashes and after school bake sales. >> they looked good and sounded great. absolutely. >> that is going to do it for us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm carolyn johnson. this is "world news." and tonight, the holiday nightmare. a deadly pileup in blinding fog. more than 100 cars screeching to a halt, colliding. entire families in shock. >> oh, my god. look at this 18 wheeler ri


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